1st Issues

Cover to Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-38: Superman © 1975 DC Comics.

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  1. I'm so glad to see this back up, Brian. You know your experiences mirror mine a great deal, but you express them so much better. I look forward to many future chapters in the story.

  2. Weird Western Tales - I find this very appealing. What were they about, I wonder? What made them weird? Look at Aquaman on his seahorse! Lucky! This was an enjoyable read.

    By the way, back in the 70's the average roaming space for a 9 year old boy was 7 square miles. Nowadays...more like 9 square feet. Sad, really-really sad.

  3. The early issues had a supernatural Western hero called El Diablo, but it mostly featured a loner gunslinger named Jonah Hex (soon to be a major motion picture) and, later, an adopted Kiowa born of a white man called Scalphunter. Now, Weird War Tales, that was weird. Check out the cover galleries at The Grand Comics Database and click on a cover to see an index of the issue's contents (if you like):
    Weird Western Tales
    Weird War Tales

  4. Yay! I didn't think you'd know I'd posted a comment on this. The Weird War Tales...creepy. A lot of evil skeletons running around. And hahahah! the Scalphunter (when I first read that, I honestly had no idea what that word was. Scal-hunter? Sc-alp-hunter? I am not so bright) issue where he is arm wrestling Abe Lincoln. I'd get that as a print for the living room.